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Best Jobs of 2019

Your chances of securing a job are higher if you target a sector that is growing. Where demand for jobs is high, you will find vacancies advertised regularly as organizations expand and people move from one company to another. We look at the sectors with the fastest growth and highest demand jobs of 2019.

Money and Finance:

As the stock market begins to improve and the economy climbs out of recession, the money and finance sector has seen increased job growth. The recovery has triggered the removal of hiring freezes and increased confidence among employees, encouraging them to move company for career advancement.

Resume Tips
Resume Tips

Top Resume Writing Tips

One of the best marketing tools an individual has today, a resume needs to stand out in a way that places it to the top of the pile from the very first glance prospective employers take. It should highlight your strengths and skills, portray the potential value you hold as a candidate for hire, and showcase your achievements. Most importantly, your resume needs to do all of this in the span of 30 seconds or less. Although companies are searching for new employees, they rarely interview every single candidate who sends a resume to them. If you want to make your resume stand out, use the following top resume writing tips as your guideline.

How to Ace Your Interview

Now that you have made it to the second stage of finding a job and landed an interview, it's up to you to do some groundwork in preparation. If you want to ace your interview, look over the following suggestions for a few tips on how to do it.

Dress Traditionally

Even if the job that you are interviewing for doesn't involve a suit and tie, you should take the time to dress up for the interview. Wear your "Sunday best" to show that you are serious about wanting to get the position. If you are a man, wear a suit or slacks, dress shirt, and a tie. If you are a woman, wear a suit or tailored blouse with slacks or skirt.

Resume Tips
Resume Tips

Get Paid What You are Worth

Whether you are about to join an organization or want to advance your career with your current employer, at some point you will need to discuss your salary. For many people, discussing salary can be uncomfortable. If there is a job offer on the table, they may be worried that pitching too high could price them out of the market. Alternatively, they may worry that their boss will disagree with the value they place on themselves. Our guide to salary negotiations will help you get paid what you are worth.

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