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Thinking about working from home? A lot of people do. Working from home is a great way to help provide for your family while maintaining a good work life balance. If you have young children, it also means you can stay at home with them every moment. Many people like to work from home especially because it offers them a flexible schedule.

You’re probably getting excited now about the idea of working at home, and wondering exactly what type of work can you do? Fortunately, just about any job you can do outside in the working world has a work at home or telecommute job that can be done from home. Remember that the job market is competitive, so consider your top skills and continue to develop them so you are always a top candidate who is in demand.

Here are some careers to take a look at:

Mobile & Software Development

Skills you’ll need: the ability to code and program in software languages. A passion for computers, the Internet and technology.

This is a very popular work at home job and if you choose it, you’ll always be busy. Making iPhone and Android apps is a terrific career to have. Lots of individuals and companies would like to have apps created for them. Or they would like software, whether to sell to individuals, businesses or to use internally for their company.


Skills you’ll need: A strong interest in technology. A background in technology and IT experience. Programming knowledge might also be helpful too.

Lots of entrepreneurs and small companies need to hire a freelance IT person to help with their company. This is a fantastic choice for an IT job. If you can get at least several clients, you’ll have good, stable income coming in your way.


Skills you’ll need: Experience using Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. Drawing and painting skills are helpful too. A designer will also want to have an excellent computer system at home with lots of memory, a scanner and a color printer.

If you have an eye for color and graphics, then design could be a good choice for a work at home career for you. Many professional designers work as freelancers, so quite often they work at home nevertheless. We recommend you will be very successful if you consider specializing in a niche or type of design. Website design, brochures or business cards for example. Or if you look to design for certain industries such as healthcare, personal training and fashion.


Skills you’ll need: Excellent grammar, spelling and punctuation. It is preferable that you have a degree in English or Communications.

Choose this work at home career if you’ve always had a way with words. A successful writer not only is comfortable getting freelance projects done for clients but understands it is important to promote their services through a website or blog and to also do social media to network.


Skills you’ll need: Fluency in at least 2 languages. You’ll do quite well if you pick up other languages. Or if you also know slang or popular culture phrases in that foreign language so you have native fluency in the 2nd language.

When you work at home, you actually enter an international workforce no matter where you work from. So if you have another language as one of your career skills, this is an excellent work at home job to choose. Many translators do this as a part time work at home job while they do something else, such as be a Virtual Assistant (Administrative Assistant), ESL Tutor or Teacher or take on Writing projects.

Administrative Support

Skills you’ll need: Strong computer software and technical skills are critical. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills are important. You’ll do well in this position if you are well organized and have a positive attitude.

If you want to be successful as an Administrative Support professional who works from home, your skills need to be top-notch. To get Virtual Assistant jobs, it is important to take Skills tests that show your competence. The candidates who score the highest will most likely will get the jobs. It also helps to have experience working in an office as an Administrative Support professional, so the employer knows you can tackle any office project that comes your way.

Customer Service

Skills you’ll need: An upbeat voice and good telephone manners. The ability to absorb information quickly and to respond appropriately. Experience dealing with the public such as working in retail or customer service is very helpful.

Many companies – from the small, big and everything in between are looking for customer service representatives to work from home. This is a good work at home job if you are looking for a position with a preset schedule. You typically won’t find much flexibility. You also need to have a quiet workspace in your home (no children or pets making noise) if you have a customer service work at home job.

Sales & Marketing

Skills you’ll need: Sales skills. The ability to connect with people over the telephone. A thick skin and a positive attitude.

This is a good work at home job to get, and you’ll be pleased to know that many companies are hiring for these types of positions. Whether it is a startup company or one that has been in business for a long time, they need someone to help them grow. There are positions for sales executives and also sales assistants so you’ll find something that will suit your experience too.


Skills you’ll need: Your professional experience which you offer to companies as a telecommute/work at home professional.

There are many different types of work at home opportunities – and this field is growing. You can teach college working at home. You can be someone’s accountant from home. Consider your professional experience, passions and skills and what you have to offer and then look at what companies need. Certainly there are ways you can help them.