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One Simple App Can Turn your Car into a Money Making Machine

Monthly payments, insurance, maintenance and more – if you are used to forking over cash each month to drive your car, putting that vehicle to work for you can make a huge difference in your bottom line each month. Uber Driver-Partners aren’t professional driver-partners – according to the most recent figures, most view the service as a way to earn extra cash with an asset they already own.

Driver-Partners are:

  • Students looking for flexible work between classes
  • Moms on their way home from dropping the kids off at school
  • Men and women of all ages looking to earn some extra cash with an existing asset
  • Artists, performers, small business owners and entrepreneurs looking for a way to earn extra cash between gigs or assignments

Since the service allows contractors to work when and how often they want to, it is popular with anyone needing a flexible schedule and the ability to earn money as needed, up to $90,000 annually according to an article published by the Washington Post1. Most use Uber as a second job or side hustle to supplement other income. They drive for Uber because they want to and enjoy the unlimited earning potential and the personal interactions with passengers.

The number of women driver-partners is on the rise at Uber, they are the fastest growing segment2. With flexible hours, interesting people and the chance to make extra money, more female driver-partners are opting to earn with their vehicles at Uber.

3California resident Erin Dean, who has been with the company for four months cites the interesting people, great pay and ease of getting started as key reasons she became a driver-partner.

“The pay is actually excellent in my eye. You sit and drive people around and do small talk and get paid for it.”

Dean also states that she would (and has) recommended the company to female friends and relatives. “I read up about the expansion on female drivers all over the world, and that’s is what really motivated me to drive”, Dean says. “Because at first I was really scared as a female to drive. I sometimes use Uber myself and most of my drivers have been female.”

Dean’s experience is not unusual, according to the most recent figures about a quarter of driver-partners also use the service as passengers4. Since Uber rates not only drivers, but passengers as well, the level of service (and behavior of riders) stays consistently high.

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1 Although we’ve tried to give accurate data on earnings, actual earnings may vary. On average most users earn $17.50/hour. Earnings will vary based on region and driver-partner participation. Documentation of these results may be found here. Uber’s remarkable growth could end the era of poorly paid cab drivers – The Washington Post – May 27, 2014

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3 Erin Dean was interviewed on December 16th, 2015 via phone after responding to a HARO (Help A Reporter Out) post for Uber driver-partner experiences.

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