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Most employees need to work closely with colleagues as part of a team. Working in a team environment can be challenging when you spend several hours a day with people with whom you would not normally socialize. However, building a positive working relationship with colleagues can help the day pass more quickly. It can also help to boost your career prospects as gaining the support of your colleagues can help you to be more successful in your work. If you find that engaging with your colleagues does not come naturally, there are steps you can take to help to improve your working relationships.

Be Interested in Their Lives Outside of Work:

If you ask your colleagues about their families and hobbies, you can begin to build rapport. When you ask questions, be sure to take time to listen to the answers. File the information away, either mentally or in a notebook, to ensure that you can ask follow-up questions in the future. If you demonstrate a genuine interest in other people, you will build positive relationships.

Join in With Social Activities:

In your workplace there may be social activities that you can join in with. These could range from sports activities, such as a basketball team or running club, through to quieter pursuits, such as a book club or crafting club. Social activities may also be unstructured, such as after-work drinks. If there are no social activities at your workplace, you could consider starting a club or arranging an activity to encourage people to engage with one another.

Seek Opinions and Advice

Most people respond well to being asked for their opinion or advice on a topic. By taking time to bounce ideas around with your colleagues, you can send out positive signals that indicate how much you value their input into work-related issues.