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New technology offers companies the opportunity to save time and money by conducting interviews via the Skype or similar communication software. Online interviews offer specific challenges for candidates. Our top tips will help you nail a Skype interview.

Test Your Technology:

Before the date of the interview, have a test run of your software with a friend or family member to ensure that it is working well. Ensure that your microphone, speaker and webcam are all operational. By testing your equipment in advance, you will have time to sort out any glitches ahead of the interview.

Dress to Impress:

Unlike telephone interviews, Skype and similar communication software allows the interview panel the opportunity to see you while they speak with you. Be sure to take the time to dress appropriately for the role on offer. Often this will involve smart business clothes. Interviewing in casual clothes gives out a signal that you are not particularly interested in the job. Dressing to impress will also ensure that you adopt a work mindset.

Check out Your Background:

Before you give the interviewer access to your webcam pictures, check out the background. If your surroundings look untidy or if there are inappropriate posters on the walls, the hiring manager may form a poor impression of you.

Keep Your Surroundings Quiet:

Be sure to turn off the stereo or television before you start the interview to ensure that there is no background noise. If you share a house or apartment with friends or family, let them know about your interview in advance to avoid any unexpected interruptions.

Build Rapport:

Skype offers you the opportunity to use eye contact and body language to build rapport with the interviewer. Sit straight with your shoulders back and speak clearly. Look into the webcam and smile as you talk. Avoid the temptation to look down at your picture in the bottom of your screen.