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Although the number of people in the workforce with a bachelor’s or graduate degree is higher than ever before, according to the Census Bureau, nearly 70% of employees do not have a degree. This could simply be down to a lack of time, money or opportunity. However, it may also be a conscious choice on the part of some employees because it is possible to secure a great job without a degree.

Great IT Jobs That Don’t Need a Degree:

In IT, you will find a number of jobs where evidence of practical skills is valued more highly than a degree. Software programmers and website developers can build a portfolio of their work to show to prospective employers. If you want to break into this field, it helps to work on projects that enable you to create a body of work, even if these are initially undertaken on a voluntary basis for friends and family. The ability to write code and produce functioning programs or websites is more important for these roles than theoretical knowledge.

Engineering and Mechanics:

Practical skills are highly valued in the engineering and mechanics sectors. It is possible to gain sufficient knowledge to become an automobile body repairer or communications equipment mechanic by undertaking short courses that take six months to a year to complete. You can then reinforce your learning with on-the-job training.

Apprenticeship Opportunities:

Rather than sit in a classroom learning theory, many people prefer to undertake apprenticeships. While apprenticeships are typically fairly low paid, they offer vocational training that opens door to careers such as glazier and electrician.

Self-Employment Opportunities:

Self-employment is not an easy option. It can mean long hours and hard work. However, being self-employed can enable individuals to maximize their income. Examples of great jobs that do not need a degree include traditional trades, such as plumbers or electricians, or skincare specialists. When these jobs are undertaken on a self-employed basis, they can pay extremely well.