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Towards the end of 2016, the US economy showed signs of confident expansion, with over half a million new jobs created during October and November 2016, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). This phenomenal growth in employment was coupled with an increase in average earnings, indicating that employers are willing to pay more to secure talented staff. However, certain sectors are growing faster than others. If you are searching for a new job in 2017, here are some of the sectors that you may consider targeting.

Sales and Marketing:

As the economy grows, companies need to compete with one another to win customers and secure sales. This holds true whether companies are targeting individual customers or want to sell their products to other businesses as part of the supply chain. Both retailers and business-to-business suppliers have a high demand for sales and marketing executives to ensure that they secure a competitive edge. Jobs in this field can be very well paid, often commanding six-figure salaries, particularly when on-target commission or bonus payments are taken into account.

IT Systems:

The internet now has a central role to play for most people. Whether they want to shop online, find directions to a new restaurant, or browse the news, many people turn to the internet. With customers increasingly reliant on mobile technology, such as Smartphones and handheld tablets, companies are competing to deliver new and innovative ways to present information or sell products. Accordingly, software developers who are able to create mobile applications and interactive web pages are in high demand. In addition, there is a need for network and computer systems administrators, who can ensure that the IT infrastructure that supports customer-facing applications is reliable and accurate.

To attract and retain the brightest and the best candidates, technology companies offer attractive benefits packages, in addition to competitive salaries. Household names, such as Google, Apple, LinkedIn, and Facebook, offer benefits ranging from free food to on-site leisure facilities. In addition, talented developers have the opportunity to implement new and exciting ideas.

Health Care:

The health care sector is expanding across the US. As a result, the need for qualified and experienced health care staff remains strong. The level of demand for health care professionals has boosted salaries within the sector. For example, demand for registered nurses continues to outstrip supply. For qualified nurses with relevant work experience, average salaries can reach $92,500 in some parts of the country.

In addition to general nursing, there are hard-to-fill vacancies in other specialist areas. According to the BLS, pharmacists are among the highest paid health care professionals, earning $116,670 on average. The highest rate of growth for health care professionals is within the field of physical therapy. According to the BLS, the growth rate for physical therapists is 36%. Physical therapists can earn $80,000 on average.

No matter what sector you are targeting, with the economy improving, 2017 is likely to offer an increased number of job search opportunities.