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Technology offers job applicants the opportunity to quickly and easily customize their resumes to match the jobs for which they are applying. However, all too often, hiring managers are faced with generic resumes that do not contain vital information requested in the job advertisement. By taking a few minutes to read over and customize your resume, you can improve your chances of securing an interview.

Read and Review:

Most job applicants will save their standard resume on a computer or tablet. It takes a few seconds to attach it to an email and send it off in response to a job advertisement. However, the lack of thought that goes into sending in a standard resume will come across. Time invested is tailoring your resume to match the requirements of the company will pay dividends.

Make Best Use of the First Page:

Hiring managers have very little time to spend on each resume. You can ensure that you catch the eye of the hiring manager by putting key information on the first page of your resume. Summarize key skills, knowledge or experience by including a short introduction or statement of career aim at the top of page one.

Essential Skills and Knowledge:

The skills and knowledge required by the company will be set out in the job advertisement and job description for the role. You can improve your chances of your resume standing out from the crowd by reading the material produced by the company and highlighting the skills and knowledge requested on your resume. For example, if the jobholder will be responsible for managing a budget, ensure that any financial skills are emphasized.

Work Experience:

While you cannot change where you have worked, you can certainly prioritize the jobs that are most relevant to the vacancy for which you have applied. Ensure that these roles stand out by highlighting them in bold or mentioning them in your introduction or covering email.